Wolverhampton Cricket Club cannot keep providing the best facilities, having the best coaches and getting results with the help of funds. But put those collection tins away because helping us couldn't be easier!


Every time you shop online, through over 3,000 retailers, Wolverhampton Cricket Club will get a donation, simply by signing up to Easy Fundraising.


But how does it work? It couldn't be easier! 


It doesn't cost you a penny extra!


Simply sign up to Easy Fundraising , choose Wolverhampton Cricket Club as your charity of choice and begin shopping online.


Each time you buy something on the 'net, with one of their 3,141 shops (including Amazon , John Lewis and Asda), we get a donation for Wolverhampton Cricket Club to continue our hard work - both on the field and off it!






What will your donations help Wolverhampton Cricket Club achieve?


At Wolverhampton Cricket Club, we aim to serve the community across Tettenhall and wider Wolverhampton, whilst continuing to support our diverse membership from all walks of life, ages and interests.


Your fund will help continue to maintain our renowned centre of excellence in the development of cricket for people with disabilities whilst also helping to continue our trophy-winning senior and youth sides, which continues to grow every year for boys and girls of all ages.

Fundraising Events

Wolverhampton Cricket Club host a whole load of social events to fundraising for all areas of our club. Want to come join us? See what we're doing and get involved! 


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