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Ron Flowers Sports - Exclusive kit provider to Wolverhampton Cricket Club Junior Team 

Wolverhampton Cricket Club junior teams famous kit is supplied exclusively by Ron Flowers Sports.

From shirts and shoes, to bats, balls, pads and gloves, Ron Flowers Sports has the widest selection of cricketing gear to keep our youngsters looking great and performing to the best of their ability. 

Ron Flowers Sports is Wolverhampton's premier independent sports shop with every thing expected of a real sports shop but with the latest technology in place to cater for the new breed of sports leisure orientated participant. They offer a personal service to all of our customers, ensuring they can get exactly the right product for their sporting style.

They take full advantage of modern innovations and incorporate technology to assist sports men, women and children to decide which shoes are required for their particular running style. We have a specialist running room with a treadmill, video camera and digital equipment that we use to analyse running styles, to ensure they can match running style and gait to the perfect shoe - ensuring batsman can make it between wickets quickly and comfortably! 

Find out more and what Ron Flowers Sports has in stock at or speak to Ron and the team on 01902 429 490

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